Saronic Gulf to Aegean Sea



We depart the Athens Riviera for a beautiful excursion down a coastal route that incorporates both

the green of the land and the blue of the sea.

You will visit The Temple of Poseidon, the ancient God of the seas - one of Greece’s most majestic, ancient temples.

The morning program includes a picturesque route overlooking steep precipes and the Aegean Sea, a coffee break at a favorite rendezvous, looking over crystal blue water before continuing on to Sounion. 

In addition to the incomparable beauty of the Temple and its location overlooking the Saronic Gulf, the historic storyline regarding its standing as a place of worship, a military fortress, and a communications outpost is compelling. 

We will accompany you during your on-site tour of the Temple and the ongoing excavations of ancient ruins.

The signs in the area will bring history «to life».

The ancient myths of Aegeas, the Minotaur, and Theseus, will fascinate both young and old.  

Stand at the top of the precipice, feel the wind, visualize the life thousands of years ago. 

Lunch at a taverna with tasty seafood and wine on the bay below the Temple follows.  

As custom demands, all seafood will be examined before it is consumed!  

Looking up to the Temple from below is a memory you will undoubtedly take back home. 

You may even wish to return one day and see the sunset through the temple columns. 

It is one of the most spectacular sights in all of Greece. 


 The duration of your Daily program is ~ 7 hours.

 From 09 00 to 16 00.

 We will pick you from your Hotel and we will take you back.