Make a Greek Path



The new “More than one Day” adventure, which lasts for 4 or 5 days, is addressed to visitors

to our country who want to experience alternative vacations by volunteering to social work activities.

By choosing this, you will have the satisfaction of creating part of a hiking trail during your stay on the island of Poros.  You will undertake to create this trail on the mountains of this beautiful island, following the guidelines of experts in the creation of trails, Paths of Greece.

On the last day of your stay, you will see your work taking shape right before your eyes.

By choosing 'Make a Path + you will have the opportunity to rest for a day and take a trip by boat

to the magnificent island Hydra.

The adventure will take place during September 2020 and October 2020

Also March 2021 to June 2021


'Make a Greek Path' is a 4-day trip and includes 3 nights on Poros island or you can choose

'Make a Greek Path+' which includes 4 nights and a boat trip to "Hydra" island.


Poros is very close to Athens, accessible by boat or by car. The trip lasts for 2,5 hours.

We suggest traveling by car since you will have the opportunity to see interesting places, such as

the Corinthian Isthmus and Ancient (Palea) Epidaurus where we can have a stopover.

We leave from Athens and arrive on the island at midday.

On the first day, The Greek Key, the exclusive provider of the travel plan “Make a Greek Path”, will be at your disposal.

You will be accommodated for all nights at a hotel such as Odyssey Apartments or a similar one depending on availability.

Breakfast, dinner, and snacks will be provided (FB) by The Greek Key.

Dinner will be prepared in the context of “Cooking With Friends”, a unique experience of cooking dinner together. 

Daily schedule

After an early breakfast, the 'Paths of Greece' specialized friend will lead you to the place where you will start creating the trail. After the work is done, he will lead you back to the hotel. You will have free time until 6 pm. At this time we will start the preparation of our meal. Dinner will be ready around 8 pm and we finish around 9 pm.

On the last day, after finishing the work on the trail, a meal will be served and we will head for Athens by car.

* For 'Make a Greek Path+' the group will decide the date for the trip to "Hydra"



 This will take place only with the participation of 4 people at least.