Let's Dance !!



Dance has been present since the early years of man’s existence on Earth. In Greece, it has been an integral part of the ancient drama and a ritual of communication and expression for everyone’s joy or sorrow and on any occasion such as weddings, celebrations or war.

It is interesting how many different traditional dances are danced even today throughout Greece.

Islanders have totally different dances from highlanders and with many variations as you cross Greece from north to south and from east to west. Today almost every Greek either young or old dance in the same way their ancestors did and fascinate spectators. Such dancers have already performed in Hollywood productions such as Zorba the Greek, Mamma Mia, My Greek Fat Wedding, and others. Well, it‘s time TO DANCE.

Some of our friends can easily show you some steps of the most popular traditional dances. Through our original and unique way, you will master enough dances in a very short time. And not only that! Music, singing, treat, wine, friends and… OOOPA!


Duration 2 hours.