Cooking with Friends



The delight of a fanciful recipe has been typically Greek since the early years of our civilization.

Imaginative combinations of fish or meat with honey, herbs, figs, and a lot of others have found the so-called “gourmet cuisine” and till today such dishes

are served at luxury restaurants all over the world.

Our natural wealth has also inspired a lot of

award-winning Greek chefs, who have gathered recipes from the remotest villages in the highest mountains

or on the smallest islands and have experimented

on ancient recipes producing exclusive results.  

 As an example, one could indicate Cretan cuisine, which has widely been recognized and prescribed by doctors and scientists as the healthiest and most nutritious one.  Which are Its basic ingredients?  

Not only olives, olive oil, and their products, but also fish, cereals, fruit, and vegetables.

We will try to indulge in famous but easy recipes that combine local ingredients and produce strong taste and flavor.

You experience cooking with a Greek family,

serve a glass of good wine, have you for lunch/dinner, and offer a small souvenir to remember the day!

Choose your own menu!


Duration 3 hours

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