Attica suburbs and Islands for 2 Days+


Attica and the Saronic Gulf are well known for their beautiful suburbs and islands. Most of them can accommodate you offering an excellent view: crystal clear sea and picturesque plantation. This is the real breeze of vacations. Attica's suburbs and islands combine physical activities and luxurious choices. Depending on the season, you can swim, sail, or hike. There are many places to visit for shopping, fancy and traditional restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

With this service, you will spend one night and two full days getting to know an island or a suburb.

 Suggestions will be given in order to visit other nearby places.

The center of Athens is just 35 min. away by car or 90min by boat from the nearest island. So it's easy to go downtown while staying away and this will keep you away from traffic and noise.

We invite you to come and explore some of our suburbs and nearby islands of Attica such as Aegina.

Aegina island and the fishermen village

Aegina is an island in the Saronic Gulf very near to Athens and reachable from Piraeus port in ~45min.

This makes a trip to Aegina very easy for all seasons.

We will take you there and show you around the whole island in just 2 days.

Day 1

We start early in the morning picking you up and heading to the port by our own vehicle. We get the ferry and disembark at Aegina port. First thing we visit the beautiful church and monastery of Agios Nektarios.

Then we head to the ancient temple of Aphaia. From there and going down the mountain we reach Agia Marina,

a seaside village, where we can swim.

A coffee break is necessary! Then we take the way to the wonderful fishermen village, Perdika. 

We settle down at the hotel and a great dinner will wait for you at the best fish tavern. 

The rest of the day is free for enjoying the sunset and more..

Day 2

Waking up early on an island is something you shouldn't miss. Sun rising makes the sea glitter!

Having breakfast at a wonderful, colorful and peaceful garden will make this place unforgettable. Take a walk in the village before we go.

Reaching the port of Aegina we will visit 'Kolona' a prehistorical settlement by the sea. We will stroll through the city and get some of the best pistachios that only Aegina island can offer. Before we go a wagon ride is a must! Enjoy it and take some photos.

We will board at the ferry and reaching to Piraeus port we will take you back. Hope you enjoyed! 

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