Athens Riviera By Day


Many visitors have described Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza as the «Athens Riviera»!

Our program combines breathtaking views, crystal clear water and sparkling beaches with fine dining, culture and tradition. Meet our «favorite place», the place we love, the place where we grew up and live today. Meet our friends!

They will escort you on a seaside route that includes: a visit to ongoing historical excavations from antiquity, one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Attica, and the famous Vouliagmeni’s marina overlooking the wonderful bay. Depending on the season, we will pause for a swim and coffee break at an organized (showers and changing stalls included) beach or, if the weather does not permit, a coffee break at a spot with unparalleled sea views. We continue, stopping at a magnificent Orthodox church where we will examine the art (icons) and listen to a quick description of the church’s history in the area.

After a short drive to the adjoining city, we will walk the docks of the small harbor, meet the local fishermen, and check out the «catch of the day».  Must is also a visit to a famous bakery. We will have lunch (which is around 2:00 pm in Greece) at one of the most welcoming tavernas in the area. It’s a place «the locals go».   As for dessert, we will stop at a «Zaharoplasteio»- a long word for a place that makes mouth-watering pastries of all types to sample the unique flavors of traditional, Greek confectionery, galaktoboureko. Finally, and before returning to our base, a short, private lesson in «Pangratio» wrestling, an ancient sport, from an Olympic medal holder to «aid in digestion»!

 The duration of your Daily visit is ~ 8 hours.

  From 09 00 to 17 00.

 We will pick you from your Hotel and we will take you back.